The Now What Pod

By: Serena Holmes

The Now What Pod

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Serena was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but it tarnished. Her life fell apart when she was just four years old. After her parents divorce, Serena’s brother went to live with her father, while she remained with her mother. Then one day, when left unsupervised, her older brother died in a tragic accident. This event precipitated years of being bounced around between family members. Not living with her biological parents, Serena felt a drive to be self-sufficient, and has found entrepreneurial success. In the episode of The Now What Pod, Serena joins us to share her story. To listen, click here.

Topics Discussed:
Serena’s childhood
The accident that changed everything
Learning of her brother’s death
How children process death and grieve
Becoming financially independent
Being an entrepreneur during the pandemic
Becoming a mom during covid
Shared custody

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About Serena Holmes: 
Serena Holmes is the CEO of multi-award winning brand experience agency Tigris Events. She has spearheaded more than 12,000 brand building activations across Canada over the last 18 years.

In addition, she recently transitioned her real estate license and launched her first book, The Accidental Entrepreneur – which is part memoir, part “nuts and bolts” business book.

The book chronicles Serena’s experience going from surviving a difficult childhood to thriving as a self-styled, private enterprise, thriving entrepreneur.