By: Indie Review

4/5 Stars! Author Serena Holmes has been through a lot in her life, as portrayed in THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR: Turning Tragedy into Triumph to Embrace my Destiny in Entrepreneurship which reads as part-memoir, part-nuts and bolts business book. Beginning with childhood abuse, some mentally unstable parenting, and the awful death of a brother, Holmes outlines the many jobs she took on in order to leave the struggles of early life behind en route to becoming a self-styled, private enterprise, thriving entrepreneur. While still in high school, Holmes initially took a job as receptionist at a swanky gym, which led to meeting tons of new people. Then she became a promotional model, handing out product samples at events. This led to “working stags,” selling things like Joker Poker and raffle tickets to raise money for grooms in the process of getting married. All of which eventually headed her career trajectory towards partnering and later taking over Tigris Personnel, an event staffing agency. Encouraging readers who may also be embarking upon some form of self-employed adventure, the author pays close attention to mistakes made, outlining valuable lessons learned by trial and error along the way. Lessons such as: it turns out having employees is nothing like having a well-working business partner where it feels like you are two halves of the same whole. In contrast, when one is the boss, while they may maintain friendly relationships with staff, it is important to realize most employees have their own personal stuff along with career goals going on, and thus won’t ever necessarily be able to become genuine, loyal friends to the person holding the purse strings. And also that knowing what might be the right time to sell a once-thriving company because later on down the line, circumstances might entail possibly having to sell at a substantial loss, if one can sell at all. Also, how vital it is to not only work hard towards entrepreneurial success, but also to make sure and set up streams of passive income that will be able to carry you through if unexpected circumstances occur, like a pandemic that winds up shuttering many in-person businesses indefinitely. Most touching are the tales told of leaving the dating life behind to eventually create a close-knit family that includes husband, child, and beloved dogs. THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR: Turning Tragedy into Triumph to Embrace my Destiny in Entrepreneurship by Serena Holmes is an introspective, hopeful self-help tome offering detailed facts and figures regarding one woman’s journey towards creating a self-sufficient, self-actualized life.

By: Sherry

From the moment I starting reading, I could not put the book down wondering what was going to happen next. I would highly recommend this book for anyone to read. If you are a stay at home mom or a CEO, this book is such an inspiration and you will learn so much. Thank you Serena for sharing your life and knowledge with us.

By: Leslie

The Accidental Entrepreneur takes the reader through Serena Holmes's very personal journey as she navigates through love, loss and lessons learned. The life of the entrepreneur certainly isn't for the faint of heart and Serena shares what she's learned about taking calculated risks, leadership and managing people in the highly stressful event management/experiential marketing niche.

By: Rochelle

This is a one of a kind human who shared her journey through life thus far. Her story has you in tears at some points, but also has you left in disbelief at how much one can endure! Happy she has found happiness and created success for herself and her family, and even happier I get to call her a friend! Well done Serena!

By: Diksha

The title itself is self-explanatory, it is a journey of turning tragedy into triumph. The challenges Serena experienced made her stronger and those hardships contributed to her successful entrepreneurial career. Although she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, it tarnished. Destiny had some other plans for her. Her journey is really inspirational and this book touched my heart, offering me more than I expected.

By: Arnav from Books Icon

What I loved about this book was it's writing style. The author writes splendidly. It was really smooth. I also loved the way she included impactful tips. They were really remarkable. In The Accidental Entrepreneur, the author discussed every last bit of her encounters. As per her words, assuming somebody needs to make a big deal about themselves, it's dependent on them to take proprietorship and responsibility. The tips will be valuable and give you an understanding to turn into a business visionary. The book adjusted my perspective. Since the writer has thought of her experiences so well that you will get to peruse many sections. For the duration of her life, the author has faced many obstacles, personally and professionally. Yes rather than allowing her to get down and kill her soul, she faced them head on and confronted them all. Furthermore, turned out to be more solid. Since the author discussed her victories as well as her disappointments in her personal and professional lives, she also gives tips on the most proficient method to confront the circumstances she faces.

By: Emilee Jackson

Being jungled from parents to family members then other spots, changing homes, schools and friends several times, Serena understood the importance of moving on. How could she go through so much pain without turning into a recluse? It may be difficult, but Serena proved to everyone, where there is a will, there is surely a way. This story isn't just about hardships though, it's about a girl who faced it all. She had her own struggles, she also had her good times. The book has a linear storyline that has been incorporated wonderfully, it has drama and grief. In the end, you get to taste the success which makes perusing it even better.

By: Booktalkopedia

5/5 - A non-fiction book about how the author turned her life's tragedy into triumph to become a successful entrepreneur. In this book, the author shares her life experiences from a stepmother/father who turned her world upside down to all of the other challenges she faced during her early days. She also writes about the problems she faced in her business and relationships then finally how she became a successful entrepreneur. It is a motivational story for anyone who is facing troubles and needs some mentoring to move ahead in any time of their life - relationships or business - this will definitely help you. You won't be able to put it down; it's a great book.

By: Grace Jackson

The journey of Serena and growing up is topsy turvy, born into a loving family and brother only to have her world taken away. As the book progresses, we see the drudgeries that the protagonist faced. I wouldn't say that nothing bad came out of her early life but all of those burns/hardships helped prepare her for success. Hard work and hardships never come without any results. This is something you get to take away from the book. Through this story, I came to realize that destiny can be changed and you definitely have the power to carve your own. Because otherwise, there is no way a person has been through so much will not succumb and get to see the gold they have been digging for. The book is well written and doesn't seem boring. It does have its moments of drama but they come in life naturally.

By: Harpreet Singh

10/10 - The Accidental Entrepreneur is an account of how author, Serena Holmes started her entrepreneurial journey. Though she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, it didn't last long as her life fell apart at just 4 years old. In The Accidental Entrepreneur, the author talks about all of her experiences. According to her, the world doesn't owe anyone anything. If someone wants to make something of themselves, it's up to them to take ownership and accountability of the outcome. Read along to know how the author manages to navigate the lessons and hurdles that life threw her way. I am not much into inspirational books, but this one has changed my mind. Because the author has written her overall experience so well, you get caught up with it and read chapter after chapter to know what happened next. Throughout her life, the author has faced many hurdles. Both in her professional and personal life. Instead of letting them get her down and killing her spirit, she took them head on and faced them all. And became more strong. It's an inspiring and insightful experience reading about her life and how she managed her company so well. That too with so many challenges that came her way. Read this book and I am sure it will inspire you to start something of your own too. If you are someone who wants to become an entrepreneur or thinking about being one, then this is perfect for you to read. Because the author not only talks about her triumphs but also her failures in her professional and personal lives. And gives ample tips on how to face situations that she has faced. The tips will be useful and give you an insight how and what it takes to be a business owner.

By: Books & Associates

The Accidental Entrepreneur is a memoir of Serena Holmes. This is her journey that encapsulates the situations and events that made her realize her highest potential. Serena's groundbreaking account has a solid foundation for creating a significant recognition of one's true potential. If you want your dreams to come true, work towards making them a reality, take action and no matter how tough the situation is, don't give up. Your luck depends on the efforts you put in. It is truly inspiring to read about the author's life and certain situations resonate sentimentally with me because I recognize what she must have been through. A transformative change occurs when we learn to accept the challenges and bend in a way that will turn the outcome into our favor. Failures should never be discouraged. Instead we should see them as one more step closer to learning more effectively and in an efficient manner. The day we become more open to visualizing success and failure in the same spectrum will be the day of new beginning. Our lives are in flux and to be more precise, it's always eventful and we can't customize it only to happy moments all the time. We are responsible for our own sense of peace and happiness. The author has marvelously spoken in an engaging tone about how the events of her life prepared and shaped her to be the person that she is today. I honestly admire her courage and determination because it's so easy to fall into the trap of helplessness and despair as the furious efforts reap no fruition, however she excelled in the best way possible. There is a bonus section at the end of the book with 10 key takeaways that will definitely change your outlook. An epoch-making event indeed! I'd recommend this book to all readers, not just the ones who are curious about entrepreneurship and management. The details that the author shared through her book make it a must read because as far as advice goes, this book will be motivational and help you focus on goal-oriented perspective. This is ideal in a world that constantly searches for the latest and efficacious performances. I'm sure the author will do incredible magic in her upcoming books as with this one. I can't wait to read them.